Pullman Leather Rise & Recline Chair - Dual Motor

Julian Bowen
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Pullman Leather Rise & Recline Chair - Dual Motor

The Luxurious Pullman Dual Motor Rise and Recline Chair is upholstered in a combination of Genuine Top Grain Leather on the seat and arms and matching Faux Leather on the sides and back. The inclusion of a Dual Motor system allows the Back and Footrest to be operated independently to ensure maximum comfort for the user. The Pullman really is the most comfortable chair you are ever likely to sit in!

Features and Benefits

  • Minimal noise – Quiet and reliable motors rather than cheaper variants
  • The dual motor system – allows the back & footrest to be operated individually
  • Easy to use – simple remote control for all movements. 
  • Luxurious – Genuine Top Grain Leather on the seat and arms only.


  • Remote control
  • Dual motor system 
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Fabric: Brown Faux/Top Grain Leather 
  • Material: Hardwood Frame
  • Minimal Self-Assembly Required
  • Depth of seating area - 55.5cm
  • Height of back of seat - 76cm
  • Height from floor to top of seat - 50cm
  • Dimensions: 88cm D x 90cm W x 108cm H
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